A day in the forest with OiC

Cars, skis, people
Skis for everyone!

Last Saturday OiC had a wonderful time together out in the forest. God blessed us with great weather and fellowship. We met in the morning in Nøklevann, Østmarka. For some it was a nice opportunity for skiing and being outside with their friends. For others, it was a chance of trying for the very first time. We learned that it is not so easy to stand on the skis and even more difficult to walk with them. But it was worth it, because all falls came with a laugh and a picture!

Preparing sausages by the campfire

In the middle of the day, we celebrated together the gift of eating around the fire. Great opportunity to taste pølse med brød, pinnebrød and have a good chat. And last, but not least, delicious cakes and coffee…


Fellowship in the snow, by Nøklevann in Østmarka

Thanks to everybody for coming, sharing food, laughs and time. OiC thanks who organized finding skis, teaching how to use them, bringing food and warm clothes for everybody.

Thanks to God for this precious day!

Recipe: Snickers cake

Finding the right technique

375 gr peanuts
1 package salty crackers (Ritz)

Crunch the peanuts and the crackers and mix them.

6 eggwhites
5 dl sugar

Whip the eggwhites and then add the sugar to make a meringue.

2 ts baking powder
2 ts vanilla sugar

Mix everything carefully and put in a buttered form. Bake at 180 degrees for approximately 20-30 min, in the lowest slot of the oven.


6 egg yokes
100 gr. icing sugar

Into the mist....

Cook until it becomes thick and set aside to cool.

100 gr butter
2 bars baking chocolate

Melt the butter and then the chocolate together. Mix with the yokes and spread over the cake. If the topping isn’t mixing, add a lightly whipped egg.

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