Contribute financially

How can you contribute to OiC financially?
We do not get any support for the government, and are dependent of gifts in order to cover the costs. 10% of what you give will go to our mission project of the year.

There are many ways to give:

  • (Recommended) Donate either with a one-time or regular donation. This donation is automatically tax deductible.        >> It is important to select Oslo International Church <<
    Because NMS is a tax recognised NGO, donations sent to their account will be tax deductible up to an amount of 50.000 NOK per year (for 2019). This means your tax payment will be reduced by 22% over that amount on your next tax return. NMS will transfer your donation to OiC. The Norwegian Tax Authority has additional info about gifts to voluntary organisations.
  • Donate directly to account number: 5083 05 58877
  • During our servies you can:
    • Give directly to the offering basket
    • Donate by card (Visa or MasterCard) using the terminal located at the back of the church.
  • VIPPS the church at 11887

Thank you for your donation!

We support NMS Thailand

OiC’s continuous mission project is with NMS Thailand.

Most Europeans know Thailand as the Land of Smiles. But also it is a country where just a tiny minority belong to a Christian church. The need for discipleship training is massive – and there are also big challenges that requires social action. Through NMS, OiC is contributing to theological training both of pastors and lay-people.

Also we support Home of Grace, a place where unmarried mothers and their children can receive support and help + Home of Worship where children from deprived backgrounds can attend kindergarten.

OiC gives 10% of its offerings to support NMS Thailand – a partnership made possible by NMS.