Where stories meet from near and far.

Whether you are from abroad or from Norway, a Christian or just curious, you are invited to join us. Our services are in English every Sunday at Hasle kirke, Oslo, Norway.

Sunday school is both in Norwegian and English. Sign up for our newsletter and check out our latest news to keep updated.

Services are cancelled through November due to the new coronavirus regulations.

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Who we are

We are from a wide range of Christian denominations, church backgrounds, and nationalities. These differences enrich our community and deepen our faith and our relationship with each other. On any given Sunday, we represent over a dozen nations from around the globe.

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Find us

Every Sunday we gather together for worship, prayer, a sermon, and time together. The service starts at 16:00 in Hasle Kirke. On rare occasions, generally at Christmas and Easter, this may change so please check our News and calendar for updates.

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