Welcome to Oslo International Church!

We are glad you’re here.

Whether you are from Norway or abroad, in Oslo for the long term or just a short vacation, a Christian or just curious, we would love to have you at our service!

We normally meet at Hasle kirke at 1600h every Sunday and our services are held in English. Afterwards we meet for coffee, treats, and conversation.

Oslo International Church (OiC as we like to call it) is an international evangelical church, affiliated with NMS (Norwegian Missionary Society), and the Norwegian Lutheran Church.

The people of OiC come from dozens of countries around the world, and at least 15 different countries are represented on any given Sunday. We have a wide range of Christian denominations and church backgrounds. We love this diversity! It’s part of what makes us OiC.

OiC Kids (Children’s Service)

We love our kids at OiC! They make up nearly one third of our congregation and we believe church is just as much for them as it is for the adults. So we have worked to create a ministry for them; that engages with them in a way that they understand and enjoy. The kids will start the service with us and then run and skip to their service during the sermon. Their service is held in Norwegian and English.

Church Coffee

Stay after the service for coffee, treats and conversation with others. It’s one of our favorite parts of OiC. We believe in community and we know that eating together around a table is one of the best ways to create it.

What’s next

The Big Church Coffee Bake Off

On Friday, March 17, at 6 pm, the coffee ministry will hold a baking evening at the church. We’ll bake a variety of goodies for church coffee which will be frozen at the end of the evening. They can then be thawed as needed for church coffee. There’s no need to prepare because participants willโ€ฆ

We are so glad you found us.

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Email us with any questions at oic@internationalchurch.no.

We are located at Eindrides vei 9, 0575 Oslo, Norway. (Hasle Kirke)