20th of February – “The Bible Day” with Gunnleik Seierstad

Sunday¬† 20th of February at 5pm we will focus on the best selling book of all times, the Bible, as this day is what Norwegians call “Bibeldagen” or “The Bible Day”. Gunnleik Seierstad, former missionary and leader of the Norwegian Bible Society, will share from his rich experience of working to spread the Bible around the world.

His topic will be: “The Bible and other holy texts – what makes the Bible unique?” Followed by Q&R. (Questions and Reflections.)

Sunday school with baby song.

Upcoming Events:

Sunday 27th of February: Fellowship Service with sharing from Amsalework T. Flood, from Ethiopia
Coming from Ethiopia, Amsalework T. Flood has studied theology at Menighets Fakultet and is now resident in Norway, where she is married to a Norwegian/American with whom she has three kids. This sunday she will come and share with us.

Sunday 6th of March: Fellowship Sunday
This last Sunday before Lent we will spend some quality time together as a church in a fun and inspiring way. We will meet at Lyder Sagens gate 7 for a day of fellowship. The church service that sunday will also be ther. More info to come soon! (Want to help arrange it? Contact oic@internationalchurch.no)

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