OiC and COVID-19

Update May 22, 2020: We are now meeting again. Click here to learn more.

Dear OiC Family,
This is a time in which we are all called to do our best to help the authorities control the spread of COVID-19.  We especially want to keep in mind and in prayer the most vulnerable with whom these measures will protect. 
Therefore, all Sunday Services and other OiC meetings, like growth groups, prayer meetings, etc, are cancelled until further notice.
We want to remain connected throughout this time, so we’ve put together several measures to do so:

  • We will post a weekly update every Friday on our newsletter, Instagram, and Facebook with relevant news and encouragements.
  • We have created a YouTube channel and a new video will be live every Sunday for you to watch.  Even though we are not meeting together, we encourage you to gather your household together each week and have a “mini” service in your home with prayer, a worship song or two, and the YouTube video.  Continue to mark your week with a dedicated time to focus on Jesus.  This may be especially valuable in this time.
  • Although we cannot meet, we can use technology to it’s full advantage to encourage and check in on each other!  Use messages, calls, video chat, etc. to talk with each other—there are no lack of opportunities. 
  • Please contact us if you need to talk or want to share.  Respond to this email or write us on social media.

That’s it for now.  Stay tuned for more information and check out our YouTube channel on Sunday!

Peace and love be with you and with your family. 

OiC Team

Photo by visuals on Unsplash