Riots in Lahore, update from the mission project

Maybe you have heard about the riots in a Christian neighborhood in Lahore, Pakistan. This is not far away from where the pastor that OiC supportes lives, just 5 minutes by car.
The riots started Friday evening by a large group of muslim people accusing a young man for having insulted the prophet. People had to flee from their homes to save their children and themselves.

Nearly 200 houses, including two Churches were set on fire. The rescue team struggled the whole day to extinguish the fire, and the place now looks like ruins.

The pastor writes to us: “We spent the whole day in the affected place and distributed water bottles and juice to the Children and other persecuted people.”

Please pray for this situation:

  • for the affected families, that are moving around in shelters with their small children
  • that this riot will not spread to other areas
  • for God to give strenght to the people in this situation
  • for the other Christians and the Churches in this area

Some articles:

Pictures from the damages:

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