Update from the economy group

Thanks to all of you givers we got a positive financial result last year. We had hoped to collect 200 000 kr, but by Gods grace we exceeded this and collected 290 000kr in 2012!
Due to the increase of the pastor’s engagement from 30% to 50% paid by OiC, our total expenses were almost 230 000, and we ended the year with 60 000 kr more in our account (more details in the annual report).
Despite last year’s good financial result I want to challenge you to continue giving to our church. Now we have some money in our church account (about 350 000 kr), and that is very good,
but this money will not last long if we want to meet our new challenges of renting a venue and, in the future, having a full time pastor paid by our church.
I’ll give you some concrete numbers. To reach our goal of collecting at least 300 000 kr in 2013 we need to collect 25 000 kr every month.
In January and February we collected 47 802 kr. Very good, but as you see a little behind our goal. As some of you might know, the budget for 2013 has been set with a negative result. The board has planned to use 60 000 kr more than we expect to collect. Therefore, ideally, we should not collect 25 000, but 30 000 every month to have another positive financial result by the end of 2013. The challenge is given.
Thank you for giving of your time and money to the building of God’s Kingdom through the work of OiC!
Stian Holtskog, economy responsible