The new citizenship (NB: 3pm)

Sunday, 26th of June at 3pm: This sunday Pastor Bjørn Willoch will share the word with us. He will speak about the New citizenship we receive from God in baptism.

Baptism of Maja Brenne: The daughter of Lyuba Brenne and John Brenne, Maja, will be baptised on this Sunday. In order to have long fellowship time  together after the baptism, the service starts at 3 pm.

Note the unusual time.

This weekend with Sunday school.

Upcoming events:

Sunday, 3rd of July: Picnic and serivce

We are planning to have a picnic on this Sunday but it all depends on the weather. We might start the service a little early if there is an opportunity to barbecue. More information will come. If you want to join let us know, also contact us if you have any questions. After the picnic we will have a short prayer and worship time and Lemma Desta will share the word with us.
This weekend no Sunday school.

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