Beginning of the Lent Series

Lent Series in OIC
Introducing the "Lent Series" in OIC

On Sunday 13th at 5pm,  we will begin a new series meditating on the period of Lent, a time for considering our spirituality and challenging ourselves to go deeper.

This weekend with sunday school.

Upcoming Events:

Wednesday, March 16th at 3pm: Launching of migrant churches in Oslo research

A partnership of several organizations has done a research on the migrant churches in Oslo. The launching of the result will be on this day at the Vietnamese Baptist Church, at Akkerssalen at Trondheimsveien 5. Participation is free and includes a dinner, but requires signing up here (Dawn website) until the 10th or march. Come and be a part of this significant moment for the reality of christian immigrants in Norway.

Sunday, March 20th at 5pm: Visit from Wycliffe

Almost 30 years ago Ingjerd and Sigumund Evensen and two kids travelled to Papua New Guinea to work as Bible translators. They came to the umanakaia-people, a small tribe living high up in the mountains. They lived isolated from each other and did not have their own written language, having little or no contact with the rest of the world. The Evensens aim was to translate the new testament to their language. They worked with the people group for 19 years – and translated the Bible to their language. Today the tribe has a living church which most of the tribe members attend.
This sunday the Evensens are visiting us to tell their story.

This weekend with sunday school.

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