Breaking of the bread

This Sunday the 28th of March:

Food/eating an ordinary and most important aspect of human life. In addition to nourishment food has been important in religious significance. In Christian faith, food and eating has been included in stories of Adam and Eve, exodus from Egypt, to food laws, to Jesus’ own temptation which involved fasting and food and further extends to what to do with food sacrificed for idols among first converts among the gentile Roman world. Early Christians as we read in the book of Acts of the Apostels used to break bread together. Next Sunday will be a fellowship gathering with breaking of bread. We will bring food (we are encouraged to bring cultural dishes of the countries we come from) and share it together. We will use this occasion to break bread together and experience the tastes and smells of different cultures and traditions. Please come with what you have and what you can make.  However bringing food on Sunday is not an obligation for all. We want those without food to partcipate and taste it!

It will be an opportunity to share with your fellow brothers/sisters. Over the food table we will share stories, issues that matter for our daily life of faith and engagements.