The influence of media

This Sunday the 21st of March:

The subject will be exploring the role and influence of media and communication technologies in Christian discpelship and ministry. We, as disciples of Jesus, live in a world radcially different from that of our predecessors. We live in an information society in which news coverage, world view promoted via films and advertisment shapes how we think about ourselves, and others. They influnce our point of view and shape our behaviour. Every day we spend a great deal of time connected either via internet or telephone. This provides us with an amazing opportunity to read/learn about anyting if we want to. It also provides us with challanges on many levels. This is a big and very important subject that affects our work, daily life, family, faith and ministry. On Sunday we will explore the subject ourselves, sharing ideas between  ourselves. This we will do in the framework that God called us to discern the times we live and redeem opportunites. Come let us discuss how we can help each other and strengthen the body of Christ.