On the 14th of Feb at 17.00: We live in a secular consumer society where SEX is so much adored. Christians are challenged to explain ... Read more

Bible quiz

24th of Jan:  We’ll have fellowship meeting with “Bible quiz” with Lemma and Stian!

17th of Jan: OIC towards the future

Coming Sunday: Dialog between the members: The journey of OIC towards the future! Introduction by Lemma. Church coffee. 5 p.m

Communion service

Sunday January 10th: Communion service at 5 p.m.

Prayer request

Pray for our sister fellowship the Åssiden Congregation Church (Drammen) and that their associated choir the “International Fellowship Gospel Quire” will get a conductor / quire leader.

Services until the end year

Dec. 13th: Fellowship meeting at 5 o’clock. Visit from Kia with Victor Calvert. Prayer at 4 pm. Dec. 20th: Fellowship meeting with missionary Synnøve Aandstad ... Read more

Seminar coming up

Vidar Bakke, who coordinates the international churches related to the Norwegian Missionary Society, will give a seminar on Sunday Dec.6th at 3 o’clock about how ... Read more

Sunday 29th, 1. Sunday of Advent!

Come and participate in a Norwegian Advent tradition: Workshop in the home of  our member Thea H. The church lies in Ekebergveien 1; we gather there ... Read more

Nov. 15th: How does God guide us?

There will be a prayer at 4:00 pm followed by Q+A meeting at 5:00 pm. Topic: How does God guide us? Sunday Nov. 23d: Shewa ... Read more