C h a l l e n g e s – – HAPPY EASTER!

It seems strange to say so in May? Nevertheless, for the Church it is Easter feast each Sunday and particularly until mid-May. Because all that time, through 40 days, Jesus kept on visiting his closest group of friends after rising from death. The Greek doctor Luke investigated the resurrection story and tells us that it was hard for the followers of Jesus to believe that he really was alive again. They thought it might be a ghost or something like that, until he ate a fish before their eyes. A ghost, a vision can’t do that! And Jesus went on with this until his Ascension day to confirm for them this new reality. He knew that it was hard to grasp it, both then – and now! But on this background he proclaims: “Because I live, you will live also!” This is what hope is, this is the core of Christianity. To make it your experience, is the challenge for you!