Inaugural service with Hasle kirke

This week we will join the inaugural service with the Hasle congregation at 11:00.

They have not met in their building for TWO years and have invited us to join them for this momentous service. We are so excited to do so! It’s a beautiful embodiment of the body and union of Christ. If you are able, we’d love you to come!

We will join their 11:00 service and Carol lead OiC Kids for the children during the sermon.

There will not be a 16:00 service.

Much of the service will be in Norwegian, with some elements such as prayers and songs in English. We will, however, have a copy of the liturgy in English so we can follow along.

Upcoming services

There are a few other dates to note for this semester. We will switch service times with the Hasle congregation two other days and have our Advent Celebration the first Sunday of December:

  • October 21, 11:00 Inaugural service with Hasle kirke
  • November 8, 11:00 OiC Service
  • December 6, 15:00 Advent Celebration
  • December 20, 11:00 OiC Service

All other services will be held at our usual time, Sundays at 16:00 at Hasle kirke.

Thank you for being with us this semester as we transition to Hasle. We are grateful and thankful for being here in this new space with you.

May the Grace and Peace of our Lord be with you.

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