Ski Day!

On this day, we will go cross-country skiing together.
It is a very good opportunity if you haven’t tried it before 🙂


We’ll make a camp fire, and it’s possible to go skiing, either for a long trip or short one! And even if you don’t want to ski much, we’ll have a great time just chatting around the fire with hot drinks and grilled sausages 🙂

We will meet at the Storo bus stop at 11:15am and take the bus together from there to Solemskog.

Do you not have your own skis? Then you can borrow! Just leave a note on the event page with your shoe size, and we’ll bring for you 🙂 Please book your skis before Wednesday 26th of February so we can get them ready.


What to bring:
– skis (if you have)
– something to eat and dring (possible to grill sausages!)
– something to sit on (sitteunderlag)

Remember to wear warm clothes! Have an inner layer of wool and woolen socks, and bring an extra layer for when you will sit still!