Cabin trip 21st – 23rd of June!

cabin trip

We hope you are excited about this summer’s cabin trip! It will be a great weekend together, so hopefully you can come!

Price: It will be from 21st to 23rd of June at Sjøglimt Leirsted, Ørje, about 2 hours outside

of Oslo. The price is set to 400 NOK (plus travel expenses). If you are not able to pay this much, give us a hint and we´ll find a way.

If you are able to pay more than 400kr, you are very welcome! This will make it possible for those with less money to also join. We want everyone who would like to join to come.

To sign up: Send an e-mail to with your names and whether you will pay by cash or to the bank account: 5083 05 58877.

IMPORTANT: if you are paying to the bank account, be sure to mark the transfer “OiC Cabin Trip” and your name.

On Friday 21st, Bus from Oslo Bussterminal at 16:00 or 17:30, arriving at Ørje at 17:49 or 19:19. ( From Ørje to the place, we will have cars driving shuttle, it is about 5 min. drive.

On Sunday 23rd there are no busses from Ørje, so it is possible to take a bus, at 16:50 (, or train, at 16:52 (, from Mysen, 15 min. away from Sjøglimt.

If you will drive, please let us know so we know how many cars there will be!