New years resolutions

Do you have any new year goals? One of the reasons why many don´t achieve their goals is that there is a lack of reason for it. Write down all the reasons you can think of why it would be great to reach your specific goal. You may want to try going through the following steps:
  1. Ask God to show you what is the most important to focus on, and give you the dreams that is after his heart, so you can become what he has created you to be.
  2. Choose one area of your life: personal development, career, contribution, etc… (or do all of them)
  3. Do a brainstorming where you write down all that you can think of that would be great to achieve this year if there was no limits.
  4. Choose the one thing that you think would make the greatest positive change in your life. If you don´t see any really compelling goals you need to do some more brainstorming.
  5. Write down a paragraph or two where you state all the good reasons why it would make such a positive impact. Write also down what you miss out if you don´t go for it. Read it every week to motivate yourself.
Some tips on how to keep it up: 
– Focus on few things. Too many great goals will make you overwhelmed and give up
– Read the statement on why this goal is a good goal as often as you can. This will remind and motivate you.
– Tell somebody about it so that it would be harder to brake it.
– State your goal positively. Instead of “loose weight”, say: “become healthy, full of energy..”, Instead of “stop focusing on the negative things”, say: “start focusing on the positive things” Your unconscious mind will be negatively affected by the negative language, and visa versa.
– Revise your goal(s) next month.
– Make small goals on the way towards the bigger goal(s).
– Don´t give up if it gets tough. Simply learn from the mistakes and revise your goal and strategy as needed.

May the God of new beginnings bless you abundantly this new year!