New semester, new opportunities!

July has been a quiet month in OIC. Many people have been away and there has been little activity beside the weekly church service. We hope you all have had a refreshing summer although the weather was not too good this year.

We are now entering August. Many of you will come back from your vacations and the cell groups will soon be up and running. Sadly there are also quite some people that have left or are leaving soon. We will miss you guys! Despite that some people are leaving, we see quite a big growth in OIC. More people means more challenges, and more opportunities. In other words we have an exciting semester ahead of us as a church family. What else are we entering into?

Some news for this autumn

Increased engagement for Maicon: Our pastor Maicon Steuernagel has gotten his engagement in OIC increased from 50% to 70% from this autumn, a greater blessing for OIC!

Change of church service time: The time of our Church service will change to 4pm instead of 5pm. It will be announced when the change will happen.

Coordinating volunteers: Noela and Kasper will start working with volunteers’ coordination. A volunteer’s folder will soon be handed out in Church. You will then get the chance to write down if there are any ministry teams or special tasks you would like to help out with. Take a look at “finding your place” on the website for more information.

Together lets ask God for his kingdom to come among us to a greater and greater extent. With anticipation we look forward to see what God will do among us, as we seek him, work and pray.