3rd June – Fruits of the Spirit at Gamlebyen Church and 1-2 June OiC Boys Trip

Sunday, 3rd June 2012 at 5:00pm

New Series – Fruits of the Spirit at Gamlebyen Church

We resume our normal church service at Gamlebyen Church at 5pm as we continue with our new series titled “Fruits of the Spirit” by Ole Aleksander Østhassel from Norway.


Friday 1st to Saturday 2nd of June


OIC Boys’ Trip

The girls have already arranged a lot of girls’ nights, and here comes the boys’ answer! All boys and men in OIC invited for a hiking trip.
We’ll walk from Sognsvann and find a place where we stay the night outdoor.

We meet at Sognsvann T-bane station Friday at 6pm. 

Bring food, clothes, sleeping bag and sleeping mat  or “liggeunderlag”. If you don’t have, or you can’t borrow from anyone, you may buy it cheap at XXL:
  • Sovepose: 299,-(Helsport Nordmarka)
  • Liggeunderlag: 99,- (Ajungilak Jerven)

To keep up with the latest update visit the Facebook-page for this event or talk to Stian (917 46 492) or John (480 38 528).