OIC Annual Meeting 2012

OIC Annual Meeting and Board Changes

On last Sunday (15.04) we had our Annual Meeting where we presented information about the previous year and elected new board members.

We thank the former board for their valuable contributions and welcome the new board! Do continue to uphold our new board and church in prayer.

  • Former Board (2011): Thea Haavet, Shewa Teketel, Stian Holtskog, Ryanne Kamp, Bodil Øglend, Janet Ling, Lois Emuge and Carl Fredrik Bommen
  • New Board (2012): Sarah Asio, Liuba Brenne, Stian Holtskog, Annari Van Jaarsveld, Bodil Øglend, Kasper Tangen and Carolina Steuernagel
As for the final annual report, there is a draft available at the church library, and the final version, with some minor changes, will soon be made available on the website the church library.