ID! – Who am I?

Sunday, 2nd of October at 5pmThis is one of the most asked questions on earth. Many people allow their romantic relationships, family or friendships to dictate who they are and their view on themselves – for better or for worse. But our true identity can only be revealed by our Creator. So what do you do when your identity has been robbed by relationships? Sunday we continue our series by looking at how relationships shape our identity. We have Sunday School Friday, 30th of September at 7pm: Prayer meeting This friday, at Maicon and Carolina, we will spend some time in prayer. You are welcome at Lyder Sagens gate 7. Give a hint if you are coming, either by e-mail (to the e-mail you see on this page or phone (46913628) or just show up. Contact us if you need more information on how to get there.

Sunday, 9th of October at 5pm: ID! Look forward to the last sunday in our ID series.