Feel! – Abundantly…

Sunday, May 29th at 5pm Closing the “Feel!” series, Maicon Steuernagel will talk about the gospels call for tasting the abundance of life in Gods Kingdom. Having been challenged last sunday to set Christ as the source and reference for our emotions and feelings, we will hear now about how that means also the redemption of joy and pleasure.

This weekend with sunday school.

Upcoming Events

Thursday, 2nd of June at 1pm: Ascension Day picnic! 

It’s holiday and you are welcome to celebrate it with us! We will meet at Frognerparken at 13 hours, in front of the main entrance. From there we will find a place in the park to have a nice time together. There will be some fun activities for those who want to join, and we will eat together and enjoy the day! Bring food and drinks for yourselves (and to share, if you like) and a blanket or something to sit on. There will be opportunity to barbecue. Any questions? Contact us here.

Sunday, 5th of June at 5pm:Sunday service

Bjørn Willoch will be with us and share the word.

No Sunday school this weekend.

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