International Workers Day

Liv Arnhild Romsaas

Sunday, 1st of May at 5pm: In Norway, 1st May is a public holiday and marks the struggle for workers’ rights, nationally and internationally. Since 1890, Norwegian workers have used this day to promote their demands and rights. Lately the day has also been used to raise issues of international justice – as workers in Norway have gained some of the best protection and rights in the world. OiC want’s to have a broader world perspective – and Liv Arnhild Romsaas, from Norwegian Church Aid, will speak about “The fight for global justice: What can we do as individuals and as a church?”

Prayer Meeting at 4pm: We  serve a living God, who listens and acts. Let us join to seek his will, to ask and to be changed.

No Sunday school this Weekend

Upcoming Events:

Sunday, May 8th at 5pm: Fellowship service
Michael Nyneve, a ghanaian pastor at the Global Evangelical Church will come and share with us.

This weekend with Sunday school.

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