Lent series: Walk the way of Christ

Sunday 27th of March at 5pm: A few weeks ago we started our Lent Series with an invitation to take this period before Easter as a challenge for a life long walk. We reflected on the way Jesus experience in the desert showed throughout His ministry. Our guest speaker, Tawanda Chovere, unfortunately won’t be able to come, but Maicon Steuernagel will continue the series and the calling to walk the way of Christ. This weekend with sunday school.

I know them, and they follow me. John 10.27b

Upcoming Events:

Sunday 3rd of April at 5pm: On the way

Every year OiC separates a day to go over what has happened and look forward to what lies ahead. On this Sunday we will have a shorter service and will spend some time hearing about what has happened during the last year and share some dreams for the future. And to keep walking as a church, we need people involved. Part of the Board will be leaving their positions, and we want to thank them heartily. But that also opens space so that more can join. Therefore we will also have elections for new board members. Come celebrate with us, both what God has done and what he will do in our midst!

Prayer meeting before the service

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