OiC Winter Day

This Saturday is the annual OiC Winter Day!

Updated 11:10 Saturday morning.

We have set up “camp” near the volleyball courts at Sognsvann. We have a fire going, so feel free to bring some food to grill.

It’s bright and sunny, and the ski conditions are fantastic. Bring skis if you have them.

There is a hill for sledding. So bring sleds, skis, and/or ice skates and enjoy the winter weather with us! There will be a few extras to borrow if you don’t.

The ice on the lake was great for ice skating last week, and the conditions might be okay. Nobody is out skating at the moment and we aren’t sure about the thickness of the ice. Consider bringing your skates if you have them!

To get to the volleyball courts, take a left at the lake and follow the path until just before it starts to curve to the right around the lake. The volleyball courts are on the left. We’re on the hill just before you get to the courts.

See you there!