Zoom Sunday Services

Hei OiC Family!

We have a big announcement!
We’re going to do OiC Zoom Church!!

Goodness, we’re excited. It’s been too long. We thought surely by March we’d be able to meet in person, but that’s not how it’s turning out to be. So we’re going to do Zoom Church.

We’ll start out every other week, 8pm. 
Prayer, scripture, watching the Sunday reflection, discussion. 
The first one is this Sunday: 14th of March, 8pm. 
Church coffee is BYOC-style, but that’s not too bad — we get to see each other!
If you want to receive the Zoom-link to join this Sunday, please sign up with the link below. You can also sign up to receive the newsletter there.

Thank you, everyone who attended our Zoom General Assembly this year and voted. Kristine was confirmed as a board member! And we will move our regular General Assembly to the fall to align with the school year and better match when people (like students) come and go from the church.