Advent Online

Good morning,
Today is the Second Sunday of Advent, the week of Peace. Last week the theme was Hope, next week it’s Joy. These themes seem especially relevant or at least needed this year. Our Advent Series this year is titled, “For all people” and you can watch along with our Video Reflections each Sunday posted on YouTube and IGTV.

As you know, Oslo is still in lock-down. Which means, unfortunately, there will not be a service this week or the next, Dec. 6th or Dec. 13th. Sadly this also means we have to cancel our Advent Celebration, but we have hope that we can resume services after that, just in time for Christmas!

Normally we have a wonderful Advent Celebration at OiC, where we share food, stories, and joy and watch with anticipation the presentation the OiC Kids prepared for us. This year we will not be able to meet together, but our reasons for celebrating and our love haven’t changed. So read the advent and Christmas stories! Sing the songs and bake the cookies! And remember to take care of yourselves and of each other. When you pray, remember our kids and pray that they will know just how loved they are.

With love, and hope, and peace,

The OiC Team