No Services in November

Hei OiC Family,

We will not meet in person until at least December 1st in accordance with the new COVID-19 regulations. It is possible services could begin again then, but we will not know until later. We will be recording and posting sermons again on Sundays on YouTube and Instagram TV (IGTV). So look for that on Sunday! A link to our YouTube channel is below.

We all found out during our last lock down this spring that connecting with people is still vital for our mental health, if not our physical health. So as best as you are able, stay connected to others. Pray for OiC, both as a whole and individuals; text those that you are close with, see how they are doing. Maybe set up lunch phone/video call with a friend (perhaps even every Tuesday to give the week some normalcy). Maybe send a picture postcard (there are quite a lot of websites for this where you can personalize postcards with your own pictures) to give people something happy in their mailbox with a tiny bit of connection.

We can do this. We’ve done this. We will be okay.

God is still with us.

Know that you are loved by God and by us,

OiC Team