OiC Summer Camp

This weekend (13th to 15th of June), at Sjøglimt leirsted:



He served fish and bread to a hungry crowd, made water into good wine, shared lamb with His closest friends, broke bread with them and poured wine to share the cup; grilled fish on the seashore as they stared at Him amazed. 

He ate with rich and poor, sick and healthy, friends and enemies. Shared meals with fishermen, prostitutes, corrupt tax collectors and face-washed teachers of moral and good manners. He called himself bread and water. He allowed His body to be broken like bread, and His blood poured like wine. He’s preparing a feast for His loved ones. 

Like the meals He ate, shared and talked about, so is He to us. To sustain us and give us strength, to be shared and to gather around the table, friends, family and enemies. To be needed and longed for, every day. To surprise us with the richness of taste and grace in the simplest of things. Fish, bread and wine.

Welcome to OiC Camp, let us share this meal together!

Sign up by sending an e-mail to oic@internationalchurch.no, and pay 400 NOK to: 50830558877, mark with “OiC camp” and your name.

You will get an e-mail with more details after signing up.

OiC Camp