It´s all about relationships continued

Sunday 31th of October
We will continue our “It´s all about relationship”-series talking about how to develop a good and Godly self-image and relationship to ourselves. Our guest speaker will be prison minister Jens Fredrik Brenne.

Sunday 7th of November
This Sunday is All saints day and we will mark it by focusing on our relationship to the people who has gone before us. Lately the media has raised the debate if it is possible to contact and speak to the dead. How should a Christian relate to our dear ones who has passed away, and to our fellow Christians who has gone before us? Pastor Bjørn will talk about the topic in this Sundays communion service.

The board has decided to move the prayer meeting to every first Sunday in the month at 4pm. We encourage all of our members to join us for prayers for OIC, the world and the needs of the individual church members on this Sunday before church.